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Full Version: Ray260/260E
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May question is about difference between Ray260 and 260E. I know 260 is US version and 260E European, both of them can work and all thre bands sets USA, CAN, INT. So my question is what is difference between US and Euro version, its lack of ATIS function on US aro what exactly?

Hello MarcinZ,

The key difference is type approvals. The non-E version is tested and certified to comply with FCC and related requirements, whereas the E version complies with the slightly different European and rest-of-world standards. The set needs to comply with the local regulations in the country where the boat is registered.

We no longer use regionalised versions for our Ray50/52/60/70/90/91 radios: they're a single global product.

I am struggling with the same question and consider to take over a used Ray260.
I found another key difference between the E and U models except the approvals.

In the user manual it states that the RAY260 (U) version does not support private channels in Europe whilst the RAY260E does that.

I would like to use a RAY260 (U) in Europe. Is there any way to access the private channels? By a mod inside?
If not, If I change the 260 handset to a 260E handset would it than access the European channels?

Thank you
Hello beemerk1,

Since the (non-E) Ray260 is not type-approved for use in Europe, we cannot give information about use of European private channels with that radio. You need to get a European-approved radio. With a European-approved radio, your local Raymarine Service dealer or service centre can programme any channels that you are entitled to use.

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