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Full Version: EV150 Problems
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I installed a EV150 system in my boat. Dockside wizard works fine, but as soon as I turn on auto it turns my boat in one direction and does not keep straight. I have done a system reset but it did not fix the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hello MacolO,

The usual cause of a pilot driving the steering over as soon as you press Auto is that either the:
- drive operating sense (whether the pilot has to apply voltage to the Motor A or Motor B terminal in order to achieve a turn to Port)
- rudder-position sensor operating sense (which way round the rudder reference is installed, port-hand or starboard side), if you have one
is currently configured the wrong way round for your installation. These are both arbitrary, there's no right or wrong way, it is installation-dependent.

These are both normally configured as part of the dockside setup process, but it's worth checking them or redoing the dockside wizard. Personally, I always like to set these at a hardware level by swapping wires (swapping motor A / motor B for drive output, or swapping the red and green wires for rudder reference because that way there's no way that they can become accidentally reverted to defaults by a pilot reset (some pilot software updates involve a reset to default setup.)

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