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Full Version: [CA11] Evolution Auto Pilot and powered back bone
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I am installing these items: ACU 400,EV-1,, 3 i70s, ITC-5 running wind, speed and depth.

The previous setup was Axiom 12", Smart Pilot, 2 x St60 tridata, 1 x st60 wind with the powered backbone for nmea 2000/seatalk.

Do I still leave the power connected to the backbone? Or does the power for this come thru the ACU 400 autopilot now?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Svbelle,

It is considered to be a best installation practice to supply power to the backbone from a dedicated switched 12VDC power source rather than from an autopilot ACU or course computer. Accordingly, it would be recommended that the SeaTalkng backbone continue to be powered through a power insertion spur and that the SeaTalkng Power switch of the ACU-400 be configured to the OFF position.
Thank you so much. I totally missed the power option on the acu panel above the sea talk plug.

Over thinking and not reading.
You're welcome.
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