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Full Version: [DG11] Wireless remote control s100 SAR value
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Hi ,

I was wondering if one of the Raymarine reps can inform about how much radiowaves the S100 remote control is emitting, please do so in a widely used unit, i.e SAR (W/kg). Given that after installation the remote basestation will be constantly transmitting even if the remote control is not used, it should have been informed in the manual?

Hi Snajdarn

We have checked into this report and can advise as below:-

This statement is in the S100 manual (81242-4) related to RF energy and its exposure:
Exposure to radio frequency energy
The S100 and basestation are designed not to exceed the limits for
exposure to RF energy set by national authorities and international health
agencies These limits establish permitted levels of radio wave exposure for
the general population. An example of a radio frequency exposure
guideline and standard that these are designed to conform to is:
BS EN 50371:2002 - Generic standard to demonstrate the compliance of
low-power electronic and electrical apparatus with the basic restrictions
related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields.

We would also confirm this statement provided by the IEEE for C96.1-2005 which states: “…if the sum of the power of the sources is less than 28 W for the upper tier or 5.6 W for the lower tier, then the need to assess whether the whole-body average SAR exceeds the basic restriction is eliminated.”

In which cases, we do not believe it is necessary to add any further clarification.

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