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Full Version: [CA11] Using proAIS2 with AIS500 transceiver
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I have purchased a boat with an AIS500 transceiver. I have transferred the MMSI number from the previous owner, so no change in MMSI number.

From reading the forums, it appears that I can use the proAIS2 software to change vessel information, by connecting my laptop to the AIS unit with a USB cable.

Yesterday I looked at the AIS500 unit, and I do not see a USB port. Is there one that I missed somewhere? Do I need to connect differently? The only connections that I can see are for: 1) antenna, GPS, VHF, and power data.


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum David,

Unlike the AIS650 and AIS700 which each feature a USB port, the AIS500 features a serial (DB-9) communications socket to support MMSI and static data entry, resetting these items, and for updating software. Should the PC not feature a serial communications port. then it would be necessary to purchase a USB to RS-232 DB9 Serial Interface Adapter. We strongly recommend Sealevel's Model 2105R for applications such as this as well as for use with computers which will be interfacing with Raymarine's E85001 PC/SeaTalk/NMEA 0183 Interface Module.

NOTE: The AIS500 should be disconnected from any other equipment (except the 12VDC circuit which will be supplying power to the AIS500) when interfacing it to a computer.

Communications between AIS500 and serial devices will occur at 38,400 BAUD.
Thank you Chuck - that makes perfect sense. I just found online and reviewed an installation guide on the AIS500 and see a diagram of the RS 232 male connection.

I already have a USB to RS 232 cable from Keyspan, and am wondering if there is anything special about the Sealevel unit that you recommend strongly. It would seem to me that we are referring about a commodity item, and I'll probably only use it once on the AIS unit. Am I missing anything?



All serial to USB adapter are not designed to the same standards, nor are the drivers for these adapter all of the same quality. Ask any owner of a PC running a navigational application which was designed to run on a computer and unable to establish communications between the navigational application and the marine electronics, had unreliable communications with between the navigational application and the marine electronics, was struggling with COM ports which changed in assigned number and settings with each power ON/OFF cycle of the computer, or was bitten by the "crazy mouse" symptom where the computer incorrectly interpreted serial data communications from the electronics as commands from a point device.

If you have found another serial to USB adapter which has proven itself and is not subject to the afflictions listed above, then by all means continue to use it.
Got it - and that makes good sense. Thank you much for the explanation. I'll try the one I have this weekend, and if it doesn't work, I'll order the one you recommend. Much obliged!

Kind regards,

You're welcome.

One other question I should have asked before I head to the boat tomorrow - I saw a post on this forum - as follows:

"Reply by Moderator - Raymarine, US on July 25, 2014 at 4:54pm
Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Peter,

If you own an AIS500, then the ProAIS software may be used to configure the AIS500's static data. If you own an AIS650, then the ProAIS2 software may be used to configure the AIS650's static data."

Is the ProAIS2 software that I installed going to be backwards compatible with the AIS500 unit? If not, how do I find the ProAIS - the older software that is compatible with the AIS500?

Thanks so much,


Our Repair Center recommended staying with the ProAIS rather than the ProAIS2 application for this purpose. Should a problem arise, then the ProAIS software may be downloaded here.
Hi Chuck,

I finally got to the boat with my laptop today, but ran into a couple of error messages on which I would appreciate your advice.

When I connected to my AIS500 transceiver with the ProAIS software on my laptop, I received the following:
"No Unit Detected on COM3. Please check power and data connection".

I then tried on ProAIS2, and got:
"Status: Determining the AIS device type".

Any suggestions? Is it the USB to RS232 connection, or something else......

Thanks so much for your assistance.

Kind regards,


Our Repair Center recommended staying with the ProAIS rather than the ProAIS2 application for this purpose. If not previously stated, the AIS500's 38400 BAUD port should not be simultaneously connected to an operating Raymarine system when using the AIS500's DB9 Serial Plug. Should disconnecting the AIS500 from the other system components not then permit the ProAIS software from then communicating with AIS500, then it would be recommended that the AIS500 be brought to a Raymarine installer or sent to Raymarine's Repair Center to have its static data updated.
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