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Full Version: i50 Depth a "Direct Replacement" for st60 Depth Issue
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New to this forum, I look forward to solving my upgrade issues...

I bought an i50 depth to "directly replace" an out of order st60 head, and have found it to be less than "direct..."

True, the 3 transducer spades Do fit directly into the back of my new i50--and even beyond discovering that two of the horizontal mounting holes will need to be redrilled--a phone call to a Raymarine rep illuminated a further issue before my new i50 would display...Anything, at all.

The i50 Is Not a "stand alone" instrument as one would hope-- it's power must (apparently?) be provided by the seatalk-ng cable, according to the Raymarine Rep at the toll free line.

My problem seems to be that my old st60 system is (the original) seatalk (1?).

The rep over the phone told me I would need to purchase/install part # E22158...a Seatalk to Seatalk-ng Converter at the cost of around another $100. My research "outside this forum" indicated that all that was necessary was "some combination of adapter cables, cut and color-reconnected."

So what's the most efficient and least expensive way to really replace an i50 depth instrument in an existing st60 system?

My New i50 needs to be installed "inline" between 2 Female, flat, 3 pin plugs--but my i50/seatalk-ng was supplied with a 6" cable with Also a Female, but round connectors on each end.

Shy of "jury rigging" this as outlined on other sources, is there some sort of adapter cables with a round, Male connector on one end for the i50, and a Male, flat 3 pin connector on the other end, for quick, "plug and play?"

Or was the Raymarine on the phone correct-- a full seatalk converter is necessary for this to be a "direct replacement?"

Specific part numbers would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the advice!
Hi QuirKey

There are two ways to connect the i50 into an older SeaTalk network, the simplest method is to use an A06073 SeaTalk (3 pin curved connector) to round white STng plug, ( which plugs into the white socket on the back of the i50 display). The Curved 3 pin plug will then plug into a D244 3 way SeaTalk block, into which the two adjacent female plugs will also plug into.

This then feeds power to the i50 and shares data with the rest of the network.

The other method is to use the E22158 converter as advised by the support team.

I hope this helps?
Thanks, I figured there had to be an efficient way! Parts have been ordered...

Hi QuirKey

Great News!

You're welcome
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