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Full Version: [CA11] EV 400 not tracking route
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I have a eS 127 and a EV 400 AP.

I planned a route on the 127.

So long as I start the tracking using the first waypoint, no worries. Works great. Yesterday, because of ship traffic I had to wait to engage the AP. I was already at the second waypoint. When I engaged the AP, it immediately wanted to do a 180 degree turn to the fist waypoint. I could not get the AP to engage in the middle of the route without wanting to turn back to the first waypoint.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank You


The reported issue is not a problem with the autopilot, but rather operation of the MFD. When an interruption to Track mode situation such as that which has been described occurs, the MFD's Advance Waypoint feature (MENU->NAVIGATE->ADVANCE WAYPOINT) should be used to advance navigation to the desired waypoint of the route.
Reporting back. Thank you Chuck, your "advance Waypoint" works.

A bit of advice however, do not attempt this maneuver if you are going around a corner, as the AP will advance to the next waypoint and could take your route closer to shore or on shore. Pay attention....
You're welcome.
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