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Full Version: [CA11] Raypilot 650 Losing Heading
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I realize the Raypilot 650 is no longer supported but was wondering if you could offer some feedback on a heading issue I'm having. Ever since the end of last season, the unit will not keep an accurate heading. I have followed the re-calibration procedure by entering calibration mode and driving slowly in circles for 3 minutes and I've also done the manual adjustment several times. It will stay accurate for about 20 minutes then show an inaccurate heading again. Is there anything that could be causing this or is the unit just old and needs to be replaced? It interfaces just fine with my Raymarine e97, so I don't want to replace it if it's not necessary.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum jsak001,

The Raypilot 650 is an autopilot course computer which in turn has been interfaced to an autopilot course computer onboard the vessel. The autopilot course computer is in turn interfaced to a fluxgate compass. The reported problem may be indicative of object capable of producing a magnetic field which have been stored or installed within 3' of the fluxgate compass, a failure of the fluxgate compass, or a failure of the autopilot course computer. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to test the fluxgate compass. Should no fault be found with the fluxgate compass, then the autopilot course computer would be deemed to have failed, necessitating that the autopilot system (excluding the drive unit) be replaced, as Raymarine can no longer service autopilot course computers which were designed for use with the Raypilot 650.
Thank you. If the autopilot course computer is failed and the autopilot system is replaced with a new system would that system be compatible with a drive unit installed circa 2000? Or would the age of such a drive unit require for it to be replaced as well?

Indeed, operational circa 2000 Raytheon/Raymarine autopilot drive units should be capable of being used with an Evolution autopilot. Should the autopilot drive unit be positively identified, then the correct Evolution autopilot components may be recommended.
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