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Full Version: [CA11] Help on updating a C80 System Please!
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I'm new to Raymarine, have had many other brands just first time now with Raymarine. Bought a 2005 boat with probably 2005 vintage C80 MFD, enclosed radar probably 4K and depth sounder but have a typical sun damaged LCD display on the C80 MFD. Raymarine says no longer repairs the unit, should I search for a used C80 and hope it doesn't fade away as well. Sometimes people know of the source of components like the LCD screen which I could replace if I could find one. Are there more modern MFD units that would be compatible with my other 2005 vintage equipment. Any suggestions appreciated.

I can barely see symbols on the screen so it appears it is talking and maybe components are working, just can't tell. I really can't afford to put in a whole new system at this time so it's either repair or do without at this point. I would like to try the Raymarine family of products as I have many good references on them.

Thanks for any suggestions anyone may have.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum jbman45,

The C-Series Classic MFDs were an award wining product in their time. Unfortunately, as you have indicated, these MFDs can no longer be serviced by Raymarine's Product Repair Centers. Should the other equipment to which it is presently interfaced be operational, then the easiest way to restore functionality to the system would be to replace the C80 MFD with second hand C80 MFD. You may want to search the Internet auction sites (ebay, Craigs List, etc. accordingly). Those from higher latitudes will typically have seen less operating time and exposure to the marine environment. Unless the system presently features a DSM250 fishfinder sounder module, a second hand E80 E-Series Classic MFD may also be considered as a replacement for the C80 MFD. If electing the latter, care should be taken to ensure that the MFD includes the SeaTalk/Alarm Cable which had been packaged within the E80 MFD's box.
Thanks for your earlier reply on the C80 system. I am trying to determine which sonar module I have but there are no designations on the box. The box is unmarked in front, and rear shows only code numbers and no model number.

Photos attached, can anyone identify what I have here!! Must be the sonar module?

thanks jbman45

The fishfinder sonar module shown within your photos is a DSM250 which has been positively identified by the product decal on its bulkhead facing side. The DSM250 had once had an oval shaped vinyl medallion affixed to its front face within the oval shaped recess. The DSM250 was exclusively compatible with C-Series Classic MFDs and the hsb2 Pathfinder Series Displays which preceded the C-Series Classic MFDs.
Thank you again!
You're welcome.
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