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Full Version: [CA11] Best transducer to pair with an E165
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Have an e165 hybrid touchscreen. What are my options for transducers for offshore tuna and yellowtail fishing in Southern CA. Fly the kite for bluefin a lot.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Kirk,

Please note that the e165 MFD does not feature any internal fishfinder transducer processing circuitry. Displaying fishfinder imagery on an e165 MFD would require that the MFD be interfaced to one of the following:
- an ax7, ax8, cx7, e7D, ex7, eSx7, or eSx8 MFD (x designates screen size) which in turn had been interfaced to a compatible fishfinder transducer
- a compatible fishfinder sounder module which in turn had been interfaced to a transducer which had been designed for use with the fishfinder sounder module.

Has your e165 MFD been interfaced to one of the above listed combination of MFD/transducer or fishfinder sounder module/transducer? If so, please respond with the model of MFD(s) or fishfinder sounder module(s) and the model of the transducer(s) which have been interfaced it.
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