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Full Version: [CA11] Desperately seeking.....this!
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Hi peeps,

I am desperately seeking the chart cover for a E120 MFD - the little door I mean as in the attached....

Anyone have one, happy to pay a reasonable price and postage.

I was hoping somebody might have one loafing around, maybe on a dead MFD or perhaps you guys in the workshop "dumping ground" and I'd happily pay for it.

Contact me here or on geoff.dunne@icloud.com

Thanks for your time.

Geoff - 5th June 2018

The Chart Door (part #R58210) was designed to be part of the bezel assembly for the C/E-Series Classic MFD's. This part was common to the bezels of the C70, C80, and C120 C-Series Classic MFDs as well as the E80 and E120 E-Series Classic MFDs. In the case of the E120 E-Series Classic MFDs, the bezel's part number is R58194. Unfortunately, Raymarine's Product Repair Centers went through a recent house cleaning and any such scrapped fascias w/chart reader doors were thrown away.

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