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Full Version: [CA11] SR6 vs SR150 Weather and Wave Data
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For a week or two a year my boat gets to play in the Bahama's otherwise she is stuck on inland lakes.

I am upgrading from the original Dragonfly to a closeout a78. I noticed that it is capable of displaying weather data. That led to the discovery that the SR150 would cost more than the a78 but the older SR6 is affordable second hand.

It appears that the SR6 is restricted to the old Mariner & Voyage Sirius packages while the SR150 can use the newer Coastal and Offshore packages.

I am likely to acquire a used SR6 and activate it for summers but unlikely to spend $600 on an SR150 for limited usage.

Can anyone help me understand the difference in the weather and particularly wave data available vie the SR6/Mariner versus SR150/Coastal.

Thank you
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bruce,

Both the SR6 and SR150 are compatible with MFDs running LightHouse II software. With respect to Wave data being displayed on a MFD running LightHouse II software, the performance of these systems will be identical with respect to Forecast Wind and Wave data when subscribed to the Mariner (SR6) or Marine Coast (SR150). I generally recommend the Voyager and Marine Offshore SiriusXM subscriptions, as they provide much longer wind and wave forecasts.
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