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Full Version: [DG11] Quantum seems blind
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Hi. Just installed new Quantum radar. My Axiom, latest generation can see it but when I activate the antenna, I see no targets. Have installed latest Axiom software. Tks for any insight.
Hi Corto

Thank you for your feedback

Can you check the Quantum gain,sea clutter etc are all set to AUTO? You should be seeing some targets around you as long as the quantum has a reasonable view of the surrounding area, (it is not being used inside a building for example)

You should at least see something, I assume that you can control the Quantum and turn it on and off and you can hear it rotating when set to transmit?

Other than this,it must be faulty and should be returned to the dealer.
No, sea clutter and hain do nothing. I cannot hear it turn. It’s in the mast.
Here’s hoping I won’t have any provlem with warranty as I bought in Canada in installed in Spain (Canary Islands).
Hi Corto

Thank you for your feedback.

If you cannot hear it turning, have you checked the power supply up the mast to the Quantum? Is there a good 12v at the plug where it connects to the Quantum?

As long as you have your proof of purchase then there should be no issues with warranty.

Thanks Derek.
Indeed, I intend to check the voltage at the unit before bringing it down.
Surely not you concern, but I bought Quantumm and Axiom in December and still waitting for the mail rebate, which has been processed about two months ago??
Hi Corto,

Who did you buy the Quantum through? I can forward this on to the sales manager for that area
Boulet Lemelin
Québec City,
Québec, Canada,

When I call the number provided by Raymarine for info on rebate, I can’t get trough.
Hi Corto,
I will forward this onto the sales manager and ask he contact you

Thank you.
Here is the tracking number: 1219151810162054
Hi Corto,

The sales manager has been informed and will be in touch with you direct
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