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Full Version: [CA11] AXIOM 9 RV for use with C-70 transducer(s)
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When a 2006 27' Sea Ray 270 Amberjack was purchased new there was installed a Raymarine C-70 MFD, which was connected to a Digital Sounder Module (DSM) - 300. To the left side of the DSM is connected to a transducer cable that, according to p.17 of the Nov 2004 DSM300 Installation Manual, is a 7 pin female connector. This cable is actually a Y-cable, believed to be part no. E66022, which is, in turn, connected to a combined speed/temperature transducer, which is mounted on the transom, and has a 3 pin female connector, and a depth only transducer, which is thru hull, and has a 7 pin female connector. Both transducer are AirMar products. The depth only one is believed to be 600W, part no./model E66013/P319, as it is the one listed on p. 20 of the above referenced Installation Manual that best fits its description.

Please find attached the following two pics:
1) The female connector of the Y cable that goes into the DSM
2) The Y cable that I believe shows the two separate transducer cables

I understand that it is to be possible to connect an AXIOM 9 RV to an existing C-70 transducer, but exactly how and with what specific cables is one to do this, keeping in mind whether the cable end is female or male?

Thanks in advance for assistance,
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum SeaBat,

Please excuse this late response. No photos were attached to your thread. In order to identify the correct adapter cable for this Axiom RV MFD application, it would be necessary to:
- have you specify whether the system will additionally include a RealVision transducer
- have you positively identify the currently installed depth and depth/speed transducers. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
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