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Full Version: [CA11] Possible repair needed for Dragonfly 7 Pro
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Long story short, my dragonfly was mounted on the bow of my jon boat. My friend was getting out of the boat and slipped and fell. Trying to catch himself he grabbed the dragonfly screen. When he did that it bent the screw that attaches the ball socket to the screen and kind of bent the plastic grooves on the screen that hold the ball socket in place. The bronze colored female adapter that the screw goes into seems to have a slight amount of play in it as well. Does this sound like a simple fix like just buying the new ball socket and screw? I am worried it may still have play in it and not be really tight. I will post pics tomorrow afternoon. Any help is much appreciated. I understand warranty wont cover this and am prepared to send in if needed. Thanks

Please excuse this late response. Should the damage be limited to the mount itself, then repairing the display may be a simple matter of replacing the damaged ball mount components. However, should the threaded insert within the display have become damaged, then the repair may be more difficult, if at all possible. In this case, it would be recommended that the bent stainless M6 Hex bolt be replaced. Stainless metric bolts may commonly be sourced at a good hardware store selling loose nuts, bolts, and screws. After replacing the bolt, the mount may then be tested for rigidity.
Thanks for the reply. I will look at getting a new bolt. Take a look at these pictures please. I really think it may need to be sent in for repairs. If you feel it needs to be sent in please instruct me on how to package it (still have the original box) and where to send it. Thanks

Unfortunately, Raymarine's Repair Center would not be able to repair deformations to the Dragonfly display's housing shown within your photos. The repair technician recommended that should the plastic surrounding the brass threaded insert have been deformed to produce a gap between the threaded insert, that a quality marine epoxy be used to fill the gap.
Okay I will do that. Thank you
You're welcome.
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