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Full Version: [DG11] Autohelm navcenter
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Help please i have bought a boat with very old autohelm1991 navcentre...
i can not get the navcentre cursor to flash or give lat long or gps st 50 to give a lat /long..
the black box transponder reads 5 volt output to autohelm antenna.
the nmea 0183 output cable i have has only 2 cables out but. has about 5/6 pins currently it is attached the gps st50? which reads. no data!

can i attach it direct to the navcentre?.. should be attached to the seatalk plug on navcentre which currently has nothing attached.. ?
can i feed a nmea 0183 out of my standard horizon300 plotter to the input of the navcentre or gps (seatalk)
i just like to use the C maps in the navcentre with reference to my position which i have many
im sure there are lots of you can help me please!
Hi davmori

Thank you for your enquiry,

I believe from your description that you are referring to the ST50navcenter - a black unit with a green CRT screen.

This unit had a very basic NMEA 0183 interface built into it, it would receive data in on the NMEA/Printer connection, Pin 3 being the white wire - Data +ve and pin 4 being the green wire - data -ve . So you can connect your GPS source direct to this input.

Bear in mind it was a very basic NMEA input sothe longer composite sentences used today will likely overload the input and it will buffer preventing position information getting through. try to restrict the input to GLL, GLP,GGA, RMC, RMA, GDP and try to avoid or block any other sentences.

I hope this helps?
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