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Full Version: [DG11] Axiom not finding bluetooth audio devices
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Today I installed a brand new Axiom 12 RV display. I updated the software to v3.4.102 and performed a factory reset. Next, I tried to pair my Fusion radio (MS-RA205 with bluetooth module). However, the Axiom is unable to find my radio or any other bluetooth audio device (I have also tried two different bluetooth speakers). The Axiom is able to find and pair with my phone and my phone will also find and pair with the bluetooth audio devices I have tried.

Could there be anything I am doing wrong? I have made sure the bluetooth audio devices are discoverable and like I said my phone will find and pair with them without any problems.

Kind regards,
HI Joni

Thank you for your enquiry.

Currently AXIOM will only connect via STng, you cannot connect via bluetooth.

Thank you for your reply. Just to be clear: I am not trying to control my radio using Bluetooth. I am trying to connect a Bluetooth speaker / audio device to my Axiom as described in Chapter 4.9 Device Pairing, section "Pairing a Bluetooth speaker" of the manual. When I follow the instructions in the manual, the display will not find the Bluetooth speaker. I have made sure the Bluetooth speaker is discoverable. I have tried three different devices (Fusion MS-R205 with Bluetooth module, JBL Bluetooth speaker and Bose QC 35 Bluetooth headphone). The Axiom successfully finds and pairs with my phone, but not any of the Bluetooth speakers I tried. All Bluetooth speakers work fine with other audio sources.

Could you confirm Bluetooth audio output still works in software v3.4.102. If so, my unit must be defective?
Hi Joni,

We have just tested a bluetooth speaker and after pairing, it then output sounds from the Spotify app which had been accessed through the AXIOM MFD. The AXIOM we used has 3.4.102 software

Kind regards

Thank you for testing. I will contact my local dealer to investigate further.
Hi Joni,
You're welcome
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