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Full Version: [CA11] Retransmit AIS data from NMEA0183 to e95 on the SeatalkNG network
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I have a mix of Seatalk and SeatalkNG devices that I gradually want to replace.

Currently I have an AIS connected to the e95 (Lighthouse II, R19) via NMEA0183. The AIS only supports NMEA0183 and I don’t want to replace my AIS. The e95 is connected to a SeatalkNG network with a couple of i70 among others.  

* The AIS is connected to the e95 through NMEA 0183
* The e95 and one i70 are connected to a SeaTalk to SeaTalk NG converter on the STNG device ports
* The old Seatalk network is connected to the Seatalk port on the SeaTalk to SeaTalk NG converter
* On the Seatalk network the following devices are conntected:
- ST60 Speed,
- ST60 Depth,
- i60 Wind,
- Wind transducer,
- Logg transducer,
- Depth transducer,
- RN300 GPS,
- ST6001,
- SmartPilot S2G,
S100 Remote

Is there any way to retransmit the AIS data from the AIS through the e95 onto the SeatalkNG network so I can show AIS data on the i70?

Want to keep using my AIS that I like and spend my money on gradually upgrading to SeatalkNG and install i70S displays. the ITC-5 and later a new Autopilot instead of replacing the AIS.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jonas,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
Thank for the welcome Chuck and thanks for adding the FAQ related to this topic.

You're welcome.
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