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Full Version: [DG] Do I have to use a SeaTalkNG spur blanking plug?
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I know I have to use blanking plugs on SeaTalkNG backbones, but can't find out whether I have to use a blanking plug on SeaTalkNG spur ports or it's just recommended.

Backstory is I will have an i50 speed display connected into my SeaTalkNG network using a spur cable, so that my EV100 wheelpilot can get speed data to operate more effectively. BUT sometimes I don't put the speed transducer in the water (I keep it out when not sailing to prevent growth)... in this case, speed reading will be zero and the EV100 is going to be mighty confused.

If I am not running the i50 speed sensor for the day, can I just unplug the spur cable from the back of the i50 and leave it loose, or do I need to unplug the other end of that spur cable from the SeaTalkNG network itself and put a blanking plug in the port I took the cable out of to make the network operate properly?

Thanks in advance,

-- Bass
Hi basssears

Thankyou for your enquiry.

the STng Spur sockets should ideally be blanked off when not in use to avoid ingress of water. The blanking plugs are provided for protection.

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