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Full Version: [TG11] Open Apps At Axiom Pro
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Is any option for the Axiom Pro to be update for

-Installation 3rd party apps from google play etc?

-To mirroring a mobile?

-and final to posible to insert marks from mobile navionics in the MDF with other marks?
Hello Alpinos,

I don't think there are any plans to allow installation of apps from the Google Play market, perhaps because we need to keep a degree of control over what can run on the displays in case an app interferes with the function as a navigational device. Similarly, I am not aware of any plans to mirror a phone screen.

You can sync waypoints and routes between Navionics Boating and recent Raymarine displays (including Axiom Pro of course) over Wifi. Navionics have a good FAQ on this:

I believe that waypoints and routes with identical names will be overwritten, anything with a unique name will be kept.

I face Some Problems!!

1) when i sinc my iphone NAvionic chart with the Axiom pro normal make all updates for marker for chart and for Sonnar

And finaly no any Marker istall in the device
if you proceed to the setting the not make any update at the charts the show last update that complete is with the removal othe the card and place on hte comptuer for update

All staffs is not expired and i have also pic with the evidence pls tell me how i can update the axiom pro navionic chart with out remove the sd card and update via computer and how i can put inside my markers
Hello Alpinos,

Regarding updating the chart data, I think that's something you would need to discuss with Navionics.

Regarding transferring waypoints and routes; the Navionics app will save that data to the MicroSD card, it will not automatically import into the display. TO do that, you need to go to Home > My Data > Files Import/Export > Import from card.

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