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Full Version: [CA11] Creating distance and bearing vector on Axiom
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I have just installed an Axiom 9" MFD and do not see how to create a distance and bearing vector as I could on my old Pathfinder RL 70 Plus MFD (VRM / EBL keys). As a sailor, this is a very important feature for such uses as "laylines" and other reference points in general navigation. Please tell me how to create a separate vector from the one that can be created from the vessels current position.
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Like the hsb/hsb2/SL Pathfinder Series Radar Displays which preceded Axiom MFDs, the LightHouse 3 software also supports an VRM/EBL feature within the Radar application. Details of the VRM/EBL feature may be found within Chapter 11.6: Range and bearing of the LightHouse 3.4 Advanced Operation Instructions. Within the Chart application of LightHouse 3, range and bearing from the vessel's location to a cursor position may be determined by holding one's finger pressed to the screen in the desired location. Doing so will cause the Chart context menu to appear. This menu lists the coordinates as well as the range and bearing to the associated location. More information on this subject may be found within Chapter 8.1: Chart app overview of the LightHouse 3.4 Advanced Operation Instructions.
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