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Full Version: [CA11] e7 problems
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My chart plotter reflects a time that is behind one hour from the actual time thus giving me inappropriate tide data. I haven't found a way to fix this and have tried several ways.

Kindly advise.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum dcneuro,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.

In fact the previously referenced FAQ did answer you question. UTC come directly from the satellite. Local Time is calculated as UTC + Local Time Offset. The previously provided FAQ provided the exact command sequence to change the Local Time Offset to that which is appropriate for your area.
Is this to what you are referring? I will try again but I believe I tried that and it didn’t work...

HOME->CUSTOMIZE->TIME & DATE SET-UP->LOCAL TIME: UTC) must be configured for the local time zone's offset from UTC (previously referred to as GMT).

I suggest that you try it again. Also see the note that the time values specified within the GPS status dialog is UTC, not local time. Local time is reported within the Local Time Data item as well as within Tide and Current graphs.
Well, I was able to fix it. I had to use the incorrect UTC setting. Why would this be? Shouldn't the UTC correction be accurate rather than inaccurate? I had to subtract an hour to make it work. This is quite bizarre.

It appears that you may have applied the incorrect local time offset. When operating within the US Eastern Time Zone, the Local Time Offset should be configured to -4.0 (4.0 hours behind GMT) when operating the equipment in Daylight Savings (Mar 11, 2018 – Nov 4, 2018). The Local Time Offset should be configured to -5.0 (5.0 hours behind GMT) when not operating the equipment in Daylight Savings. UTC is the time at the Greenwich Meridian.
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