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Full Version: [CA11] a78 Internet Connection via RayNet (Ethernet)
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Is it possible to connect the a78 to the internet via the RayNet (Ethernet)?

If so will it make that ethernet connection available to devices connected via WiFi?

Additionally would other devices running on the same ethernet connection be able to connect to the a78 using the RayRemote and RayView apps or is that access limited to WiFi clients connected directly to the a78?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum BruceW,

Unfortunately, the feature which you have requested is not supported. Internet connection for the purposes of downloading software updates and Theyr weather must be accomplished via the MFD's Wi-Fi communications interface. Likewise, RayRemote, RayControl, and RayView access to the MFD is limited to WiFi clients connected directly to the MFD.
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