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Full Version: Surfing the Internet from the LightHouse Apps.
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Surfing the Internet from the LightHouse Apps.

It is true that you can “surf the web” from the Lighthouse Apps introduced within the LightHouse 3 v3.4.66 software update for Axiom and Axiom Pro MFD? Users are able to evoke a web browser page from within the Netflix, Spotify or GRIBView app.

This was always understood during development and purposefully left in the LightHouse 3 v3.4.66 software, as some edge case app functions depend on such access. That said, this capability is not a feature which will openly promote. But it works. ?

Examples of ways to evoke a browser from LH apps:
- Netflix – Open App. Press Help in upper right corner.
- Spotify – Open App. Sign-in with Facebook. Press Cookies hyperlink.
- GRIBView – Open App. Select Settings/Login/Registration.

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