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Full Version: [DG] p79/in hull transducer to Axiom Pro
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Are there any inhull transducers that will connect to the Axion Pro?
Hi Pau Hana

Thank you for your enquiry

The AXIOM PRO RVX can accept in-hull transducers connected to the 11pin connector, you will need to check which version of transducer you are using, for example the 7 pin p70 transducer cannot be used, whereas the 8 pin p79 can be used with an adapter cable.

Excellent- what is the part number for the p79 adapter cable? I have the RM E66008 p79 that will be connected to the Axiom Pro.

So, if I understand correctly, only the Pro RVX can interface with the p79. The Pro S cannot?

Finally, if I go with the standard Axiom 12 RV, what adapter cable is used?

Appreciate the help!

Hi pau,

The p79 adapter cable is the A80496

the PRO-S cannot be connected to the P79

The Axiom 12RV can still use the E66008, but needs the A80489 adapter cable

Derek, is it the A80488 or A80489? A bit of Google-FU shows the A80488 is used for the embedded 600W transducer, and the A80489 is for the CP370 transducer. Please advise- thanks!

Thanks, Derek,

Can you please confirm the cables? A bit of Google-fu shows the cable adapters you mentioned are for CPT transducers.

A80488 shows to be for embedded 600W transducers, while the A80489 shows to be for CPT370 transducers.

The A80496 also shows to be for a CPT370 transducer. Please advise- thanks!

Hi Pau Hana

The E66008 is a p79 that is intended to plug into a CP370

To connect to an AXIOM PRO RVX you need adapter cable A80496
To connect to an AXIOM 12RV you need adapter cable A80489

Got it- thanks!

Hi Pau hana,

Another question pops up. I'm replacing an e125/e127 network, and need a cable (total 2- 1 per e series being replaced) to connect the female STng white connector to the NMEA 2000 socket on the Axiom Pro. I haven't been able to find this adapter cable part on the Raymarine site- what is the part number?

Or, do I have to get the adapter kit and a female STng to female N2K cable?

Please advise- thanks!

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