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Full Version: [DG] PC Plotter Software and SL70RC Chartplotter
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I am using the PC Plotter 5000 version software on my PC with Navionics cards to create routes.

I want to be able to transfer these routes to my Raymarine SL70RC Chartplotter on my boat without having to input every single waypoint manually.

I also have Vesper Marine Vision 9000 AIS connected to the NMEA 2000 converter.

The Vesper Marine has NMEA 0183 outputs.

Since there is no wifi capability in my SL70RC is there a way of connecting the computer to the Chartplotter/NMEA 2000 converter/AIS in order to be able to upload complete routes to my Chartplotter?

Kind regards

Hi DerekPye

Thank you for your enquiry

The Pathfinder series of products used proprietary protocol to share waypoints and routes between displays and so importing complete routes from NMEA is unlikely to work.

We believe that NMEA0183 supports only the next active waypoint in a route, but it would be worth trying to send an active route via NMEA to the SL70 to se eif the whole route or just the next waypoint appears on the screen, ( it will be denoted by an N signifying it's source is NMEA0183).

This might be the only way to export a route to the SL70

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