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Full Version: [DG] Otto had a meltdown...
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Greetings, my Raymarine auto pilot system is unhappy with me.
It’s a ST6002 plus(?) controller, with S-2 computer, and a type 2 rotary chain drive. It’s on a 2007 Leopard 46 sailing Catamaran, chartering in the Caribbean, was installed as original equipment.
The controller says Version 5.00, VER 302, 1656 hrs.
It’s worked perfectly until a few days ago, when it said low battery. I checked at the computer, and the input was 12.6 volts, appeared fine. I engaged the pilot, and it worked fine, just beeped. I ran it that way for two days, other than the beeping, it performed properly. On day three, the error code changed to Pwr Mot Swapped, and it would not engage. There was nothing done to the pilot during his time, no wires were changed, and the battery voltage was never low.
Ideas? Options?
Thanks, Mick, IsalndTimecatamaran.com
Hi Mick,
Thank you for your enquiry.

Unfortunately it sounds like the S2 computer has failed, LOW BATT pointed towards a failed Diode, but the subsequent failure message suggests the processor has completely failed.

We can only suggest returning the computer unit to a local service agent or direct back to ourselves - it may be possible to identify the root cause, but I suspect it is unlikely we can repair ir, however, we may be able to offer an alternative autopilot computer.


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