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Full Version: [DG] EV150 Autopilot
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I have an old Comnav 1420 autopilot system on my 39 ft sailboat that has ceased functioning. I have also just recently purchased and installed an Axiom 9 chartplotter, so now I am considering the EV150 for hydraulic wheel steering on a sailboat.
My question is, the salesman at the local marine supply store quoted me for an EV100 70152 (for small sailboats) but I don't know if that will be big enough. My boat is 40' and displaces 23,000 lbs. What is defined as a "small sailboat"?
Hi iRondo

Thank you for your enquiry.

The selection of Autopilot is based on the Displacement of the boat + 20%, the additional margin of 20% is to compensate for the normal plethora of additional items carried onboard, stores, extra gear, spares etc . .

This FAQ click here will give more information and will help explain specification.

You mention hydraulic steering? In which case the key to the correct autopilot is the cubic capacity of the hydraulic ram which drives the rudder.

I recognise you have a sailboat, and this link here is for powerboats, but the information relating to the sizing of pump to ram capacity holds true whether sail or power.

SO the first point to consider is the cubic capacity of the steering cylinder, once the correct pump is identified, then the correct ACU can be identified, since this is dependent on the pump. Then the EV1 sensor will be required as well as a p70s style control unit.

Thanks Derek, I will look into that.

Hi iRondo

HOpe all works out for you,
Hi again Derek: I am still trying to find the capacity of my cylinders but while looking at the Raymarine price list I noticed the following "EV-100 Wheel Pilot, ACU-100, EV1 Sensor Core, EV1 Cabling kit & Wheel Drive. Note MFD or autopilot control head is required".
Does this mean that I don't necessarily need the ACU and that my Axiom MFD will take its place?
Hi iRondo
Thankyou for your feedback,

The AXIOM MFDs with latest current software can operate as a full function control unit, just one point however, the AXIOM will not be able to engage wind vane mode. If you require sailing features, then you will require a p70s control unit instead.


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