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Full Version: [CA11] ST 60 Tridata Speed Indication INOP
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My RayData M78879 display installed in our 1999 Searay 310 Sundancer failed last year, and unable to find an exact replacement, I replaced the failed instrument with an ST60 Tridata Instrument. The depth indication seems accurate but the ST60 will not display speed.

The parts manual for our boat indicates the following transducers are installed:


Do I also need to replace the depth and speed transducers for proper operation of the ST60? The ST60 Operator Manual specifies an M78712 speed transducer and either a M78713 or M78718 depth transducer for a fiberglass hull.

If so, are the new transducers compatible with the existing thru-hull fittings, or will those need to be replaced also?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum MissHan,

Depth and Speed transducers which had been designed for use with the RayData should also be compatible with a ST60 Tridata Display. Failure to report speed and temperature data may be indicative of a failure of the ST60 Tridata Display, the speed/temp transducer, or both. Raymarine can no longer service ST60 Tridata Displays and it would be recommended that such displays be replaced with an i50 Tridata. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how the transducer's speed sensor may be tested. Should the ST60 Tridata not sense that a compatible temperature transducer has been interfaced to it, then it will not report speed. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how the temperature transducer may be tested.

With the exception of transducers identified as SMART, any of the instrument depth and speed/temp transducers found here are compatible with the ST60 Tridata instrument as well as with an i50 Tridata instrument. The part numbers listed on the linked web pages are current.
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