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Full Version: [CA11] E70150 Masthead Transducer... forgot to put metal clip
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Is this a big problem? I had a million things to do during launch and neglected to put the metal clip in to the short arm windvane. What does the clip do? Is it extra support?

Appreciate the help. Mark
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mark,

Early production ST60 Short Arm Wind Transducers featured the metal clip which you have described. This clip was included to provide additional support for the transducer. The transducer's design has since been modified such that it no longer requires and accordingly is no longer shipped with this metal clip. Should your transducer have included this metal clip, it is recommended the the bosun's chair be removed from storage to then install the missing metal clip of your wind transducer.
Thank you Chuck... I have a 22 footer and not the kind of mast you climb if you value your safety. I will have to wait until October when I drop the mast. Hopefully no damage is done. Is this piece more like insurance?

As indicated within my initial response, this clip was included to provide additional support for the transducer. This clip additionally performed a secondary function in prevent the masthead transducer from loosening from the base due to vibration. Should the clip fail to be installed, it would potentially be possible for the masthead transducer to loosen and fall from the mast.
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