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Full Version: 18" radar to seatalk ng adapter
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The 18 in digital radar didnt come with a seatalk ng end ,but a raynet end. How do I get it to interface with a A series monitor?

Do i have to go thru another switch?
a series monitor
18 "dig radar

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No such adapter is available. Due to the large communications bandwidth requirements of products such as Digital/HD Digital/SuperHD radome and open array pedestals, CP100/CP200/CP370/CP470/CP570 Sounder Modules, SR150 Sirius Satellite Weather Receivers, non-Data Master MFDs to Data Master MFDs, IP cameras, thermal cameras, etc., these products are exclusively designed to be networked via an Ethernet (SeaTalkhs/RayNet) Network, not a SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 Network. The 6" and 7" a-Series MFDs feature a single Ethernet network socket, permitting them to be interfaced to one other device having an Ethernet interface, unless a HS5 RayNet Network Switch is installed. Should the only such device to be networked to the MFD be the Digital Radome, then the Digital Radar Cable's RayNet (F) plug would simply be plugged into the MFD's Network socket. However, should two or more devices having an Ethernet interface need to be networked to the MFD, then the MFD's Network socket would be interfaced to the HS5 RayNet Network Switch via an appropriate length of RayNet (F) to RayNet (F) Cable. Then the Digital Radar Cable would be interfaced to the HS5 RayNet Network Switch.
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