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Full Version: Can I use mn30 display to calibrate the mast rotation transducer
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The mn30 Wind display can not calibrate the Mast Rotation Sensor and cannot be used with the MRS. The calibration has to be undertaken with an mn100 Digital or Remote.

The Micro-Talk Puck can be used to interface to an EV1 heading sensor and this will be used to feed heading data to the Micro-Talk wireless system and in turn used to compare with the MRS data to offset the wind vane for mast rotation.

The p70 does not use Mast Rotation and cannot Calibrate the MRS, although it will use the corrected wind angle data. None of the products on the Seatalk NG side of the Micro-Talk can calibrate the MRS. This has to be done on a Wireless Digital display or Remote as above.

The calibration of the Mast Rotation Sensor is part explained in the MRS Instruction document and then points to the Compass calibration. This involves fixing the mast in its central position and then entering compass calibration and following the instruction for compass calibration from the mn100 or Remote handbook.

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