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Full Version: E80/Navionics+ CF card
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I have an E 80 Classic which has been updated to v5.69 and which has been operating well using older Navionics CF 2Gb cards. I recently purchased a pre-loaded 16Gb Navionics+ CF card. I need this new card for a summer passage from the Pacific North West to Hawaii and return. Obviously the open open ocean on the chart is not needed, but I need the primary landfall(s) in Hawaii and the secondary diversion ports down the West Coast.

Upon loading the chart plotter does not show detailed chart data. Existing waypoints are loaded.

Navionics states that this 16 Gb card is fully compatible with the chart plotter, but suggested that I reduce the chart area using their Chart Installer tool. I did so, but with the same results.

Suggestions and help please.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Amiskwi,

Contrary to what has been advised, it is not possible to reduce the amount of nautical chart data stored on a Navionics Gold, Platinum Plus, or HotMaps chart card. Please click here to view a FAQ providing further information and recommendations regarding the problem which you have reported.
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