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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom Pro 12 to RD 218 adapter
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What cable to I need to connect my existing RD218 female cable to my new Axiom Pro 12S Multifunction display, your support person recommended cable A80247 which has a Female connection I need the adapter Cale to have a male connection with the correct PIN’s
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Rick,

Unfortunately, the tech with whom you spoke may have misunderstood you have said that you had a RD424D or RD424HD radome rather than a RD424 radome. Unlike the RD424D and RD424HD radomes which support video and communications via Ethernet communications, the RD424 radomes featured an analog video interface and a proprietary communications interface. Radomes and open array radar pedestals having an analog video interface and a proprietary communications interface cannot be adapted for use with an Axiom / Axiom Pro / Axiom XL MFD. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
One more question will the Raymarine A80308 cable adapt to the end of the existing cable to supply 12v power or will I need to chase a new power cable down the mast?

If so which cable do I need the new Quantim radar dome E70498 I received came without any cables.

The A80308 Quantum Radar Adapter Cable is designed to be mated to a Digital Radar Cable, not to an analog radar cable such as was used with the RD218 radome.
If not chasing the Quantum radome's Power Cable, then you may want to consider splicing the power and drain leads of the currently installed analog radar cable to the power and drain leads of the Quantum radome's Power Cable. The part numbers the available Quantum Power Cables may be found within Chapter 11.1 Quantum Radar accessories of the Quantum Radome Installation Instructions.
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