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Full Version: [CA11] Smart Remote with A Series MFD
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2 years ago I installed a 9" A series mfd with the thought that I would install a autopilot at a later time. That time is now, however I really don't have a good spot on my dash for a P70 controller head. I saw the new Smart Remote and wondered if I can install all the autopilot components less the P70 and use the Smart Remote instead?

I also noticed that this smart controller can not be used for auto pilot calibration, so how would I calibrate the autopilot?
Thank you.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum RB,

For purposes of clarification have you installed an a95, a97, or a98 MFD onboard the vessel? Are you referring to the SmartController (previously produced with a gray case, and now produced with a black case)? Is the vessel a powerboat or a sailboat?
Hi Chuck, this is a a97 model, installed on a Sea Ray. Yes the SmartController is way I would like to go. Just don't know what limitations I would have, i.e. no autocalibrate.

When operating with the final LightHouse II software update for your MFD (v19.03), no autopilot control head would be necessary for a power driven vessel. The MFD's Autopilot Controls menus support setting up, calibrating, and configuring the autopilot's settings. The same is not so for sailboats, as autopilot features specific to sailboats were not included within LightHouse II software. Raymarine's SmartController cannot be used to set up, calibrate, or configure an autopilot's settings. For those having the space to accommodate installation of an autopilot control head, it is considered to be a best practice to install one.
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