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Full Version: [CA11] AP tracking issues
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I am seeking advice regarding the poor functioning of my autopilot system. I have a Raytheon 100 course computer mated to a Raypilot 650 and Garmin 7610 and 741xs via NMEA0183.

The autopilot holds a course well and it also turns the boat with decent precision when using it just for that purpose. This issue I am having is when I use my chart plotter for navigation. When I want to have the autopilot follow the plotted solution, it will initially steer the boat in the general direction of the first waypoint, but that is about it. It will over/undershoot the track and basically just keep going more or less toward the waypoint. Given enough time distance it will usually come within 1000' or so of the desired waypoint. Naturally, this is completely useless for multi-waypoint navigation.

I also have an ST6002 AP control unit that I have tried with no success.

Is this a NMEA settings issue? Thoughts and expertise would be greatly appreciated.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Seastolic,

NMEA 0183 communications issues would not be responsible for the reported symptoms. Such communications issues would prevent the autopilot from receiving navigational data required for it to enter Track mode.

Should the autopilot be functioning well when operating in Auto mode and should the heading reported by the autopilot correct, then there would appear to be no problem with the autopilot's hardware. It would be recommended that you verify that the autopilot's Response Level setting be configured to 1. If so , then it would appear that the autopilot is expressing a feature of early software Type 100 autopilot course computer software. Unfortunately, the Raymarine's technicians and service centers can no longer perform software updates (or service) to these 20+ year old autopilot course computers.
Thank you, Chuck for the information. I will set the response to level 1 and test again. Are there any NMEA settings I should take a look at?

If this system cannot be made to function, perhaps I could swap one out until I do my system upgrade next year. What would be the latest course computer that would work with a Raypilot 650 or ST6002?


Q1. Are there any NMEA settings I should take a look at?
A1. Negative

Q2. What would be the latest course computer that would work with a Raypilot 650 or ST6002?
A2. The only series of autopilot currently offered by Raymarine are the Evolution autopilots. This more modular autopilot design breaks the function of the old autopilot course computers into a heading sensor / course computer unit (CCU) and and actuator control unit (ACU). While the currently installed drive unit and rudder reference transducer may be retained for use with an Evolution autopilot, the primary autopilot control head would need to be replaced with a p70S/p70R autopilot control head. The ST6002 may be retained as a secondary autopilot control head (to engage Standby, Auto, and Track modes, as well as to dodge), but would not be able to be used to configure the Evolution autopilot's configuration settings. The RayPilot650 is not supported for use with an Evolution autopilot. The model of ACU to be installed onboard the vessel will be dependent upon the model of drive unit which is presently installed onboard the vessel.
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