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Full Version: SR150 connection to Fusion MS-UD650
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Can I use the SR150 audio port to directly connect to the Fusion's SIRIUS connection port?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bob,

The Fusion head unit's SiriusXM socket is not designed to be interfaced to an audio line output. Please click here to view information addressing how to interface SiriusXM ready stereo head units.
Thanks, Chuck. It seemed like a good idea! :-) Thanks for your detailed reply.

You're welcome.
Hi Chuck,

It this thread still correct as to the methods to connect to a Fusion head unit and control of Sirius channels? I wondered if it has changed with the current Axiom software updates.

I'm trying to connect a SR150, Fusion MS-UD755 and 2-Axiom 9."

As of the LightHouse 3 v3.4.66 software update, the information specified within this thread is still applicable.
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