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Full Version: no data being transmitted from AIS except boat name, course and speed
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When checking my install of an AIS650 to my system I didn't see any details on the phone app I was using to check transmitting information showing MMSI number, size, draft etc. I did see boat name, course and speed though. I was able to see other vessels and information on the app and my MFD. Also all diagnostics checked ok on the proAIS2 program on my laptop when plugged in to the 650 via usb. The mmsi number and other information is populated on the configuration tab.
Hello Dale,

AIS transceivers send different data in different message types, with dynamic data (course, position, speed) sent much more frequently than static data, especially when you're stationary (MMSI is sent in every message as that is what defines one vessel from another.)

I think all that's going on here is that the service which feeding your phone app hasn't yet received one of your static-data messages, possibly because of the time you've had the system up and running and perhaps limited reception from your location to the site where their shore-based receiver is stationed and presence of Class A transmitters around taking priority. Some online services rely on volunteers gathering AIS data from their homes, which may be some way inland.

I'm pretty sure there is nothing wrong with your system and in fact the AIS650 is sending static data perfectly ok.

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