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Full Version: [TG11] P70 Tack buttons
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I have EV100 (tiller) with Axiom 7 and P70 installed on my sailboat.

When I want to tack, I push buttons either +1/+10 or -1/-10, but I have experienced a couple of times, that the tack is not happening (no tack message apear) and the course just changes instead (to whatever new course).

I bought the system 3 month ago and it has been in use for one month. Hopefully the P70 isn't broken.

Also I would prefer the tack input could be only a one button input.
Maybe by holding, for instance the +10 button, in for 3 seconds.
Hello Shm,

Do you ever have any problems with the +/- buttons for normal course-changes? If not, I would guess that the cause of the failure to tack might be the Gybe Inhibit function, which prevents auto-tacks downwind (is your wind data accurate?) Other than that, perhaps it's just the timing of the keypresses: is the p70 mounted in a location where it's hard to hit both buttons with two fingers at the same time?

I don't think we are planning to change the Auto Tack shortcut keys because we've been using that shortcut for over 20 years and there are a lot of users who are very familiar with it, I think we'd get a lot of complaints if we changed it.

If you have a problem with one of the buttons in normal course-change use then it's probably a good idea to get the display checked by the dealer you bought it from.

Hi Tom,

thanks for your reply.

No, I have not experienced any problems with the +/- buttons for course changes.

Yes my wind data (i60) is correct and I have only had the problem tacking upwind.

Despite being in use for 20 years doesn't makes it right, if a more simple one button solution is available.
I will agree on the ST1000, that a two buttons keypress works better. But those buttons are also twice as big as on the p70. I would guess this is where the two button keypress origins from.

The buttons on the P70 is simple just not adequate for a two buttons keypress (in my opinoin). The needed keypress itself are to flimsy and the buttons to small compared to the ST1000. Why not let it be up to the user with a one button keypress, since the P70 is programmable anyway?

Best regards
Hi shm,

I'll pass your feedback on.

Thanks Tom.

Just for the record. I'm very happy with the function of the EV100. Easy to install and setup and it worked right out of the box. I'm now playing with "hard over time" to get best steering response level.

Though, the compass was approx 30 degrees off some times.........which turned out, was because I sometimes had placed my toolbox just up against the same wall where the EV100 sensor was mounted. Just on the other side of the wall. Yes it happens, silly me.

Toolbox was relocated and the compass/autopilot worked as a charm again.
Thanks very much for the feedback, shm. It's good to hear that you've found the answer to the heading problem, that's a common problem!

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