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Full Version: [TG11] Rs 150 GPS pins
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Hi I'm new to raymarine products was told it was the best so I bought some on the cheap because my pockets are limited especially if the wife is watching ,
I purchased two E90w MFD and was impressed but I'm now attaching a GPS 150 and can't get it to work not even the light on top it's connected via a 5 way connection point with a power line to it but no signal or light
I have checked all connections and the seem fine but I looked inside the socket on the rear of the GPS and it has 6 gold spots and only 4pins if looking at it as a horse shoe legs pointing to bottom it's the first two pins missing or are they ,any help would be appreciated before I send it back thanks Alby
Hello Alby,

4 pins doesn't sound good, that sounds as if you have broken pins. 5 pins are required for an NMEA2000 connection (12V, 0V, shield, CAN_H, CAN_L), whilst the 6th pin in STNG is for Seatalk1 data, not used on RS150.

I'd get this back to the seller and ask them to check and if need be, replace it for you.

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