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Full Version: When choosing a MFD, which charts should I choose?
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We are planning on heading to Mexico (Western Caribbean) this fall. Is there a chart package selection we should go with that either provide these charts or we can get these charts? At your tech's suggestion, we are looking at the E125 MFD (along with an EV400 autopilot, Quantum radar and AIS).


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bill,

Please note that the successor to the e-Series MFDs is the eS-Series MFDs. As dealer inventory of e-Series MFDs (production has ended) may be limited, you may want to consider purchasing an eS125 MFD instead. At the time of this response, remanufactured e125 MFDs remained available via Raymarine's Online Store. For the waters to be navigated, it would have typically been recommended that the E70023-CROW e125 MFD (C-Map Essentials - ROW) or E70023 e125 MFD (no cartography) be purchased. Should the latter have been purhcased, then it would typically have been recommended that a Navionics NAV+, Navionics Platinum Plus card for the waters to be navigated be separately purchased. For more information on Navionics Platinum Plus cartography, click here.
Thanks Chuck. Took a while for my registration to come thru. I think I've also decided the eS is a better choice - even for a few hundred $$ more. Better connectivity too, right?

Is there an advantage for a sailor (who doesn't fish) to go up to the 127 or 128?

You're welcome. The power consumption of a MFD having and using its internal fishfinder sounder circuitry will be slightly greater than a MFD not having internal fishfinder sounder circuitry.
Chuck, I can't find the eS125 at my "usual sources".

It looks like the Navionics Central & South America includes the US Gulf Coast, all of Florida and the Bahamas too. That would then include our home waters in South Texas, as well as the Western Caribbean. It makes sense to buy a naked MFD and then add. But I can't find it. Not even in the Raymarine store...

The Raymarine Store's offerings are generally limited to equipment which is overstocked, remanufactured, or is being or has been replaced within Raymarine's product lines. As the eS-Series MFDs were introduced relatively recently, it would be unlikely that the Raymarine Store would list any of these MFDs. Should your local dealer not have inventory of an eS-Series MFD, then it is recommended that an order for the MFD be placed with the dealer.
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