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Full Version: [CA11] ev 200 problem
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bought ev 200 2 months ago and got it installed in my 34 center consol 2 weeks ago. after completing all dockside and commissioning i was still unable to track straight. relocated ev1 but still same problem. deviation is at 7*. another installer suggested i upload to the latest software and after doing so i was shown "a fatal error has occured, assertion failed.starting to think maybe a bad ccu?
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The stated deviation value appeared to be great. I suspect the problem may have been related to the speed input to the system. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing the actions which must be taken following after updating the Evolution autopilot's software. Upon completion of the actions (it will be your second time doing so), again note the maximum detected deviation. If less than 10 degrees, then it is recommended that the autopilot be commanded into Auto mode. Should the autopilot autopilot exhibit a behavior of increasingly exaggerated S-ing, then please click here to view a FAQ addressing the actions to be taken ... specifically, changing the autopilot's Speed Input setting to SOG.
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