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Full Version: Axiom 12 to Standard Horizon Eclipse?
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Does anyone know how I can connect my Marine VHF Standard Horizon Eclipse DSC to my Axiom 12 going through my SeaTalkhs? I can’t find any info on this online. Thanks
Hello Rshhome,

SeatalkHS (AKA Raynet) is high-speed ethernet, carrying Raymarine-proprietary graphical-type data: radar, charts, sounder images, video cameras etc..

If the Eclipse supports NMEA2000 (I've not looked into whether there's only one model or more than one, and whether they all support NMEA2000 or not, that would be a question for Standard Horizon) then that's fine. The Axiom has an NMEA2000 connection via the Y on its power cable. Whether any extra cabling was required would depend on whether you have any NMEA2000 network on the boat already. I'm sorry to say I can't tell much from the photo.

If the radio you have is only the old NMEA0183 then you'd need a non-Raymarine NMEA0183-NMEA2000 convertor such as the Actisense NGW-1. NMEA0183 is very old and is being phased out - Axiom Pro supports 0183 directly but Axiom doesn't.

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