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Full Version: [CA11] Please help
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I have a
Tri data repeater
These are all sea talked together,ocationally the tri data repeater will just shut off,when this happens I loose my gps position on the charplotter,why.?the dsm250 is connected to the thruhull transducer and wiredto a rocker switch to power on
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum chap320,

The reported symptom is typically indicative of a failure within the SeaTalk communications circuitry of one of the system's devices. In this case, it appears that the failure is within the Tridata instrument. The reported issue may also be indicative of damage to the SeaTalk Cable which is connecting the Tridate instrument to the SeaTalk bus. Accordingly this cable should be tested to ensure that it features no shorts and if found to failed, it should be replaced. Unfortunately, Raymarine can no longer provide parts and service of ST50/ST50+/ST60/ST60+ instruments. ST50+/ST60/ST60+ Tridata instruments may be replaced with an i50 Tridata instrument.
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