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Full Version: [CA11] i70s doesn't recognize GPS data from c90w
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I have connected my c90w to a seatalkng backbone. On the i70s when I search for GPS data (i.e. location or heading) in the data source menu, it says something along the lines of "no source for this data found" I know my connection is working because when I power down the c90w first, the i70s comes up with a "fix lost" warning. What do I need to do or is there a total incompatibility I've overlooked...

Thanks in advance,
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Kevin,

The Data Sources feature is only required for use within systems featuring more than one source of any specific type of data (ex. GPS, wind, depth, speed, etc.). In systems featuring a single source of such data, Raymarine equipment will automatically detect and use data from networked sources. Systems featuring legacy products (i.e. C90W) should be restricted to a single source of each type of data within the system. When the i70S MFID is configured to display a GPS data item (position, SOG, COG, etc.), you should find that it is indeed populated. The heading data items is not supplied to the system by Raymarine GPS sensors and MFDs featuring internal GPS receivers. The heading data may be supplied to the system by a magnetic north seeking device such as an autopilot, instrument compass, etc.
Thanks Chuck.
I believe my mistake is that heading cannot be provided by GPS. What I should have been trying to show is COG.
I'll try it out this weekend!
You're welcome.
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