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Full Version: [CA11] Using glued in transducer with Axiom.
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My Triton LTS 220 originally came from the factory with a glued-in Lowrance puck transducer. I have recently switched all of the electronics to Raymarine (Axiom 7, 9, and 12). Is it possible to use the existing transducer?
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Axiom DV MFDs and Axiom RV MFDs are compatible with a limited set of Airmar branded transducers. If the transducer was manufactured by Airmar, Inc., then it would feature a tag which would be affixed to the plug end of the transducer's cable. If supplied with a photo of this tag which clearly identifies its manufacturer and model number, then we may be able to make a determination regarding whether it may be adapted for use with an Axiom DV MFD or an Axiom RV MFD.
Chuck, I checked out the transducer today. Found no label. The plug is the Lowrance Blue plug.


Unfortunately, it would then appear that the transducer may not be used with Raymarine's MFDs.
Thanks for the response Chuck. I am getting good bottom readings at speed with my RV-100 so there is really no need for the thru Hull transducer.
You're welcome.
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