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Full Version: [DG] ST60+ wind speed issue
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Wind direction seems to be working. True wind shows --- and apparent shows 0.0.

To my knowledge (new to me boat) the only transducer is at the masthead.

Did diagnostics at display head. All voltage readings look good except green/shield showing 7.4 volts. Is that out of tolerance?

Thank you.
HI progbes
Thank you for your enquiry.

Please confirm that the wind angle is working correctly for both TRUE and APPARENT.

The green to Screen voltage is too high and suggests that there is a fault with the mast cable or the masthead unit. So unless there has been a mixup of the cables, the incorrect green would suggest the Wind angle should be incorrect?

Yellow to Screen is wind speed
Green to Screen and Blue to Screen is sine and cosine signals which are used to calculate wind angle

If I switch between True and Apparent it shows the same wind angle - i.e. it doesn't move. I am not 100% sure that the angle it entirely accurate. It looks close but on some points of sail it might be a bit off. It might be my imagination though as I have nothing to compare it to.
HI progbes

Thankyou for your feedback.

TRUE wind requires boat speed through the water and so if no boat speed through the water is available in the network, then the TRUE wind angle will match apparent wind angle and there will be dashes for TRUE WIND SPEED.

If the wind angle is not accurate, then this can be set up in the user cal for the ST60.
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