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Full Version: [CA11] installing updates...
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once i get the updated software on my card and insert it to the device how do i open it and install?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rb56,

Please verify that you have populated the microSD memory card in the manner specified below. If not, then please delete the software update files from and populate it using the procedure specified below. The Dragonfly Display's software may then be updating by following the remainder of the procedure specified below.

It is recommended that the compressed software update folder containing the Dragonfly software update be downloaded to your computer and that its contents then be extracted into the root level directory of a microSD memory card. This process is detailed below:
Software update procedure:
1) Insert your microSD memory card into your computer's memory card reader
2) Download the desired software update compressed folder from the Dragonfly software update web page. The compressed folder containing the software update files will be downloaded from the product's software update web page and saved on the computer used to download the software update zip file ... the downloaded file will typically be located within the Downloads folder of computers running the Windows operating system
3) Open the computer's Downloads folder (or your computer's folder where downloaded files are saved)
4) Right click on the downloaded compressed folder containing the software update files to display a menu of options
5) Left click on the EXTRACT ALL menu option to display the Extract Compressed (zipped) Folders dialog
6) Left click on the Browse button within the Extract Compressed (zipped) Folders dialog to display the Select a Destination dialog
7) Within the Select a Destination dialog, left click on the drive letter corresponding to your microSD memory card, and then click on the OK button.
8) After all files have been extracted, remove the microSD memory card containing the software update files from the computer's memory card reader
9) Power the Dragonfly Display OFF
10) Insert the microSD memory card containing the software update files into the Dragonfly Display's memory card reader
11) Power the Dragonfly Display ON ... the software will begin to load automatically as evidenced by the scrolling white DOS text on the display's black screen. When complete, the Dragonfly Display display the Limitations of Use dialog
12) Remove the microSD memory card containing the software update files from the Dragonfly Display
there appears to be 12 files in the zip folder. [censored].sh ; .sig etc. 07,09,11 etc..

is this the expected group of files to be transferred onto the blank MSD card? seems like a lot of files compared to the .dob and single c/e classic update file numbers.

Please note that the software design of the Dragonfly displays and Raymarine MFDs running LightHouse II and LightHouse 3 software differ significantly from the software found in earlier Chartplotter/Fishfinder designs and earlier Raymarine MFD designs. The number of files which you have specified is indeed correct for this product.
thanks very much chuck for your help in detail. i'm going to try this in the morning and hopefully will start giving me a better reading. today on the lake it gave a depth of 2.9 feet yet i couldn't touch bottom with a 7 ft. rod and the anchor rope was showing to be right at 10 ft. deep. also when running back in it was as if the screen had no sonar. it showed the lines but no bottom and no moving right to left as if it froze. hope the update clears this up. thanks.
You're welcome.
ok chuck, thanks again as i took the chip down to my boat and inserted the card and turned the unit oh and just as you said the matrix screen downloads appeared and updated my software from the 11.? ver. to the 12.50 ver. unfortunately i wont know how it does put into action as we are expecting severe thunderstorm any time now. thanks again.
You're welcome.
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