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Full Version: [CA11] ES98 and ST600
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I installed a ES98 MFD and Quantum radar to replace an old C80.
In order to interface with the legacy ST60 pilot, I connected a Seatalk1 to Seatalk-ng converter kit.
- After update of the software, the radome and MFD interfaced via WIFI =OK.
- Owner proceeded
sea trials for the pilot interface. The system controlled navigation to a defined way point =OK
- Owner could not get the system to follow a route of multiple points. I did not attend the procedure.

1. Is my installation scheme correct
2. I had no good access to the whole circuity. I did not follow the two legacy Seattle "circle segment/rectangular" plugs. I just connected both to the back of the ST60.
3. Is there a system parameter to amend?
4. Is there a sequence of commands rot follow?

Thank you.

By the way: I have to thank MarineMax for giving me the lead to https://www.tecnografic.com. This company made a new instrument panel which fits the style of the rest of the dashboard.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rcolesny,

Please note that Raymarine has not produced an autopilot having the name ST60. The photo which you have shown appears to be a ST6002+ autopilot control head. What model of autopilot course computer has been installed onboard the vessel? What version of software is installed within the eS-Series MFD? What version of software is installed within the SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter?
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