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Full Version: [DG] ST2000+ Tiller Pilot pushrod extension
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I would like to know if it's possible to join two pushrod extensions, in order to have a longer one.

In my boat, the pushrod extension length L needed is 205 mm, and because the maximum part that is in your catalogue is 152mm (Part no D008), I was thinking in using two D006 together. (By the way, I think there is a mistake in your brochure, and the D007 part measures 127mm, 5in, not 107mm)

Thanks for your answer

Hi polocoso,

It is acceptable to use two extensions together, we recommend the maximum extension length is 300mm, or no longer than the stroke of the unit. This prevents the unsupported length of the tiller pilot from being too long.

Thankyou for the feedback ref the dimensions, I will forward this to our technical authors
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